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Step One: Consultation

The process starts with you. You need to contact us. A trademark attorney will discuss your business and your prospective trademark. We will talk about the realities of what you are intending to do and the likelihood of a successful registration. This initial consultation is free. Fill out the form below and we will do the rest.

Step Two: Registration

After we talk things over and you decide to move forward, like any law office, you must register with the firm and formally retain us.

Our upfront flat fees are reasonable and include all the government filing fees.

Step Three: Representation

The biggest difference between e-Lawyer and everyone else is the availability of our attorneys and our client’s access to their materials.

Our attorneys will communicate with you verbally and in writing to collect the information we need to registration of your trademark. Before doing anything, we will make sure you understand and approve what is going on.

We pride ourselves on improving the delivery of legal services to each and every client.


To get a free consultation with a trademark attorney, simply give us your name, phone number and e-mail address. We will take it from there.


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Trademark Registration by Your Attorney
Includes All Government Fees

e-Lawyer, LLC is a private law firm. Our main office is the secure website at www-e-lawyer.com. The lead trademark attorney is Louis N. Larsen, Esq. who is licensed to practice law in five states and the District of Columbia. Mr. Larsen is authorized to represent clients' Trademark interests before the United States Patent and Trademark Office "USPTO".

e-Lawyer takes great pride in the steps we have taken to improve the delivery of legal services to our clients in terms of convenience, service and price.


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