e-Lawyer is BETTER

e-Lawyer is a law firm. Other Trademark businesses are not.

With e-Lawyer, you get a lawyer on your side. No matter how they try to make you think it’s the same without an attorney, websites like Legal Zoom cannot hide from their limitations….

Look closely at the disclaimers. Here are excerpts of the various disclaimers on the Legal Zoom site.
Doesn’t it make sense to hire a law firm to see to it that your intellectual property is protected?

For the sake of a few extra dollars, you get a dedicated attorney whose goal it is to ensure that you are comfortable and satisfied with the legal services you receive. We are focused on results. Our job is to advise you of the risks and rewards of your plans even if it means that we might not earn a fee for registering your mark. You can’t get that kind of service form a DYI company or from many attorneys.

No bait and switch

Some Trademark registration companies, whether they are associated with lawyers or not will lure you to sign up with the promise of a low cost option or several levels of service. The only thing that is clear about these options is that unless the company says that all services are performed by licensed attorneys, then you really don’t know what you are getting if anything. Consider yourself on your own and doing it yourself.

At e-Lawyer, we are very proud of the level of personal service we provide to our clients. We believe that our option is an improvement over the traditional law office which must absorb high overhead and charge clients accordingly.

Availability and Access

As an e-Lawyer client, you will enjoy unlimited 24/7/365 access to your file materials. They are kept in your online client file where you can review your file materials and communications with your attorneys. Our attorneys ensure that they are quickly responsive to your questions and concerns. We want you to be satisfied and will take extraordinary measures to make sure you are happy.

Peace of Mind

When it comes to legal matters, the little extra money you might spend with an attorney buys you the peace of mind that comes with knowing that a competent professional is handling your matter.


To get a free consultation with a trademark attorney, simply give us your name, phone number and e-mail address. We will take it from there.


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Trademark Registration by Your Attorney
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e-Lawyer, LLC is a private law firm. Our main office is the secure website at www-e-lawyer.com. The lead trademark attorney is Louis N. Larsen, Esq. who is licensed to practice law in five states and the District of Columbia. Mr. Larsen is authorized to represent clients' Trademark interests before the United States Patent and Trademark Office "USPTO".

e-Lawyer takes great pride in the steps we have taken to improve the delivery of legal services to our clients in terms of convenience, service and price.


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