Advance Planning Legal services Delivered Online

Many clients do not realize that they should have all of the documents our attorneys recommend so e-Lawyer offers a complete advance planning package attractively priced to encourage complete coverage.

We also offer individual documents for those clients who have limited needs.

All of the advance planning documents are drafted and reviewed by an attorney licensed in the client’s state and come with one year of legal advice.

When the documents are completed, they will be e-mailed and remain accessible in the client’s online client file for ease of review and updating.

For a nominal fee, e-Lawyer will print and ship a handsomely packaged hardcopy of the documents for execution and storage. The Complete Advance Planning Package includes printing and shipping of your documents.

  • Directs the distribution of assets.
  • Name guardians for minor children.
  • Establish a trust to hold assets for your children or other beneficiaries.
  • Specify ages of distribution to beneficiaries.
  • Disinherit children or limit spouse's inheritance.
  • Name a separate guardian and establish a separate trust for children with "Special Needs".
  • Forgive debts owed to you.
  • Provide for care of pets.

If you have questions about any of our documents, feel free to contact us.

Living Will:

The Living Will is your legally binding directive to withhold expensive, artificial life prolonging medical procedures in the event you are in a "vegetative state" or have a terminal condition with no hope of recovery. With a Living Will prepared by e-Lawyer, your family will not have to make this terrible decision because you relieved their burden in advance.

Power of Attorney:

If you are incapacitated because of a physical illness or diminished mental function, a valid Power of attorney Appoints someone to act in your place in financial matters. With a Power of Attorney created with e-Lawyer, expensive unnecessary court proceedings are avoided and your finances will be managed by someone you trust.

Healthcare Agent Designation :

If you are incapacitated, this directive appoints someone to make healthcare decisions for you. With a Designation of Healthcare Designation prepared with e-Lawyer, expensive, unnecessary court proceedings are avoided and surviving family members will be spared significant difficulties.

Pre-need Guardian:

Name someone in advance to be your Guardian if you become incapacitated.

Pre-need Guardian for Children:

Name someone in advance to be the Guardian of your children if you become incapacitated.

Funeral Directive:

With e-Lawyer, you may direct in advance what happens to your remains and may specify special wishes for your funeral service such as readings, music, and reception. There will be no doubt about "what you would have wanted."

Laws in each State are different. Click Here to learn more about the services we offer in your State.

Organ Donation (Anatomical Gift):
With e-Lawyer, you may donate your organs under the laws of your state.


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